01 | 12 | 2021


Dear Austral Hemp community, we want to tell you about our collaboration with @chocolatesquintal with whom we developed a Bitter chocolate and a Milk chocolate with 25mg of full spectrum hemp extract per serving. Each bar has four servings, which deliver all the benefits of hemp extract and at the same time you will be enjoying a delicious Chocolate.

As a company we seek to continue innovating with our hemp extract, collaborating with the development of different products so that well-being can reach you in different ways. Always taking care to work with a sustainable and natural agriculture, free of pesticides or any other chemical element that may affect the purity of our products.

To learn more about chocolates, you can contact us at:

camila.vial@australhemp.cl or +56 9 9619 6101

You can see the chocolates on the platforms of Chocolates Quintal.

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